Year Long Fellowship Lecture Topics

ProScan hosts a daily noon lecture for all attendings, visiting and year-long fellows. These lectures provide an in-depth analysis of the topics radiologists encounter in their standard workflow. The goal of these lectures is to complement our fellows’ self study and case review – to make them more robust readers.

Lectures are presented by ProScan’s world renowned faculty and run the range of primary topics from MSK to Cardiac MRI. Noon lectures can shift in focus according to the needs of the current fellowship class. Typically a lecture set adheres to the following pattern:

  • Anatomic Review
  • Advanced Anatomy and Variations
  • Search Patterns and Sequences
  • Common Injuries/Diagnosis
  • Advanced Injuries/Diagnosis
  • Live Case Review

In a one-year fellowship, we will lectures on all of the following topics:

  • Neuro – Spine
  • Neuro – Brain
  • MSK – Principles
  • MSK – Wrist
  • MSK – Shoulder
  • MSK – Knee
  • MSK – Hip
  • MSK – Finger
  • MSK – Elbow
  • MSK – Ankle
  • Body – Liver
  • Body – Cardiac
  • Body – Breast
  • Body – Prostate

To see a sample of lecture topics covered in previous years, please click here.