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Upon checking out the joint, we found lots of bodies

This 54-year-old male presents with right knee pain that has continued for a year with no known injury. Have a look at images 1 through 3, and see if anything stands out. Q1 – What is the most likely diagnosis? Q2 – What is the differential diagnosis for the intraarticular bodies?   A1 – The most… Read more »

When one projection just isn’t enough

This 53-year-old male patient presents with pain and catching of the right shoulder when lifting the arm above the head. You are shown proton density fat suppression sequences using STIR short T1 inversion recovery in the coronal and sagittal projections. The patient has a rotator cuff tear. Q1 – Is the tear full thickness? Look at the… Read more »

It’s hip, it’s obscure, it’s the case of the day

This 39-year-old female presents with hip pain that has continued for four months. Neither a cortisone shot, nor physical therapy could relieve the pain. Have a look at coronal images 1 and 2. Q1 – What is the most likely diagnosis? Q2 – Is this entity more common in males or females?   A1 –… Read more »

He tried to straighten his elbow, but it proved to be a “sloppy” mess

This 58-year-old male physical therapist, and world-class athletic trainer, now finds himself in need of rehabilitation. Have a look at the following GIF, and see if you can figure out why he cannot completely straighten his elbow.   Q1 (Advanced) – There are two clinical syndromes that are manifested on imaging in this case. Can… Read more »

Have you ever measured the alpha angle in a knee?

This 50-year-old female presents with knee pain. There is no known injury, but the patient did have anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair 15 years earlier. Q1 – How would you measure the alpha angle in this case? You may think I have lost my mind, and the wrong case is displayed, but I assure you… Read more »

Let’s start with the pinky, and see where it takes us

This 20-year-old male fell while skiing. Two weeks after the fall, the patient presented with pain, numbness, and tingling in the left pinky finger. Can you identify the anatomic correlate of the patient’s symptoms? Have a look at images 1 and 2, and see if you can put the story together.   In images 3… Read more »

His ankle went one way, and he went another

This 24-year-old male performance athlete presents with inversion injury. The following axial images are in plantar flexion, 30 degrees. Q1 – What is the pink arrow pointing to in images 2 and 3? Q2 – To what is the blue arrow pointing in images 1 through 3? Q3 – Given the findings highlighted with the… Read more »

There is pain and swelling, but where is the source?

This 27-year-old male presents with pain and swelling in the anterior left knee. The symptoms began eight months prior. There was no known injury or previous surgery. Have a look at images 1 through 3, and see if anything stands out. Do not be distracted by the obvious finding.   The images show normal menisci, ligaments,… Read more »

After reading her palm, what do you believe her fortune to be?

This 33-year-old female presents with a mass in the palmar area associated with index finger stiffness. Q1 – Based on the short-axis T1 fat-weighted images 1 and 2, what is your diagnosis? Q2 – What are the small dots highlighted by pink arrows in image 1? Q3 (Advanced) – The blue arrow in image 2 is pointing… Read more »

He didn’t like what was on his plate, but couldn’t return it

This 55-year-old male presents with right knee pain, and his history indicates no known knee injury, surgery, or cancer. Q1 – You are shown a sagittal T1 (image 1) and axial T2 (image 2) of the patella. What is wrong with the plate? Q2 – What is the name of the plate indicated in question… Read more »