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Do you know why this patient has resting tremor and diplopia?

Imaging signs on MR can be a helpful tipoff toward the correct diagnosis. Take a look at this textbook example in today’s neurological imaging case. This 71-year-old male presents with resting tremor and diplopia. Is the most likely diagnosis Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body dementia, Progressive supranuclear palsy, Alzheimer’s disease, or Frontobasal degeneration? Have a look… Read more »

As a rule of thumb, just remember… the higher the slope, the further the fall

Chloe Kim, Red Gerard, and soon, Mikaela Shiffrin are representing the USA well in Pyeongchang, South Korea. So, let’s have a look at a winter sports case! This 17-year-old female fell during a winter-related sporting accident, and now presents with right thumb pain. You are shown three finger coil images. Image 1 uses a coronal 3D… Read more »

What surgical emergency is afflicting this patient?

This 57-year-old female presents with hippocampal atrophy, sudden cognitive decline, and visual disturbances. Q1 – Using images 1 and 2, what is the most likely diagnosis? (a) Thrombosed aneurysm (b) Pituitary apoplexy (c) Craniopharyngioma (d) Choristoma   A1 – (b) Pituitary apoplexy   Q2 – Which statement is false about pituitary apoplexy? (a) Often requires urgent… Read more »

When your hip has had enough of all that dancing and snapping

This 20-year-old female presents with hip pain. You are getting two clues for the price of one. First, look at images 1 and 2. Hip pain is quite an amorphous symptom. It can come from the joint, the groin, the sacrum, the pubis, or even the spine. We all have a tendency to gravitate towards… Read more »

|MRI Online| Master the Shoulder – Rotator Cuff Review

Colleagues, If you are looking for somewhere to start with our video series, MRI Online, the Shoulder series is a great choice. It’s short, it’s accessible and you’ll be able to put the learnings into practice right away. We will revisit the shoulder in additional series later this year, so stay tuned. The Shoulder series starts… Read more »

How should you attack this hemifacial spasm case?

This 41-year-old female presents with left hemifacial droop and spasm. Try to give the following questions a shot. Q1 – The differential diagnosis for causes of hemifacial spasm includes: (a) Meningioma (b) AICA vascular compression (c) Multiple sclerosis (d) PICA compression (e) All of the above Q2 – Other accepted neurovascular compression syndromes include all of the… Read more »

What sign is a can’t-miss in this case?

Case: A 64-year-old male presents with a three-year history of progressive back pain, lower limb weakness and unstable gait. He experiences no bowel or bladder difficulty and there is no history of prior trauma or spinal surgery. Physical examination revealed lower limb weakness with spasticity.   Findings: A focal dorsal indentation of the thoracic spinal… Read more »

Can you classify this shoulder injury?

This 17-year-old presents with acromioclavicular (AC) separation. How do we classify shoulder injuries in young adults at ProScan?   Image 1 (green line) indicates a measured distance 11mm between the acromion and clavicle (normal in males is 7mm; females is 6mm). Note edema surrounds the clavicle. No microtrabecular fracture.   Injury is classified according to… Read more »