Update: On 10/25/19, the lawsuit against ProScan Imaging was dismissed.

On Wednesday, September 11th, the Department of Justice declined to intervene in a whistleblower complaint filed by a competitor against ProScan Imaging. The complaint alleged that ProScan utilizes non-physicians in place of radiologists. This is completely untrue.

Here are the facts: The U.S. Department of Justice thoroughly investigated the allegations. We cooperated fully, including answering every question and providing every document requested. The result: The DOJ declined to pursue the lawsuit and closed its investigation. The DOJ made that determination last week, which resulted in the unsealing of the complaint against ProScan (the unsealing of these allegations is standard practice).

To set the record straight:

  • 100 percent of ProScan cases are read by licensed, board-certified physicians. Period. No exceptions.
  • ProScan has never had a malpractice judgment in our 30 years in business.
  • ProScan has complied with Medicare regulations throughout our 30 years in business. ProScan has, and always will, treat its Medicare responsibilities with the utmost seriousness.
  • ProScan currently has more than 400 employees, including 38 full-time, board-certified physicians. We have one part-time and one full-time physician assistant on staff.
  • All physicians and clinical support personnel, including PAs, perform activities that fall within the parameters of their professional credentials.

Our business is built on trust, high-quality medical care, and exceptional service. We always act with the highest integrity. We want our patients, our referring physicians, and our radiology clients to know that nothing has changed. We are the same group of professionals providing expert, high- quality radiology services.