Dr. Pomeranz’s Cases

Cases Submitted by Dr. Stephen Pomeranz:

ACL contusion patterns: The importance of medial sided contusions

What rare anomaly can be seen in this 28-year-old’s foot? It’s often difficult to recognize something that’s not there!

Left-sided tinnitus. No IAC mass. What is the next step in the diagnostic algorithm?

Why are there still problems post-chiari decompression?

What can be learned from this 17-year-old’s knee injury?

Palpable “mass” and finger pain

Make sure to account for this thumb complication

What is causing this teenager’s pain after a car accident?

How to solve this complicated case of a woman with abdominal pain and rising CR?

How can you help the surgeon decide how to approach this ACom aneurysm?

If this patient weren’t a rock climber, what would he be?

Can you spot the odd abnormality in this case?

This man fell at work. What’s the fallout?

Why does this 39-year-old man have a lump on his finger?

What does this 17-year-old’s brain tell us about why she stopped menstruating?

What has happened to this professional athlete?

Can you pass the test in analyzing this athlete’s thigh injury?