ProScan Cases Now Available On Your Phone

Neuro Sample Cases

Tinnitus and left facial droop and hearing loss (oh my)

How can you help the surgeon decide how to approach this ACom aneurysm?

Why are there still problems post-Chiari decompression?

Ortho Sample Cases

What is the diagnosis for this former pro athlete with hip and groin pain?

I know it’s my Aunt Minnie because it looks like Aunt Minnie

The failure of T2 in foot imaging

About the viewer

  • Diagnostic quality – our viewer is an FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device for diagnostic viewing
  • No downloads or logins required – it loads right in the browser so that you don’t have to download an app or create a special log in to access the viewer
  • Fully featured  change the layout, annotate, take measurements, zoom, pan and more
  • Share studies instantly – You can share our cases with your colleagues and referring physicians – just like you would share an interesting news article. Just copy and paste the URL, or hit the share button on your phone, and you can send the case via email, iMessage and any other communications app
  • Note, to switch series, hit the arrow in the top right corner.