Superior reads, technology, research, education and image management delivered worldwide every day.

Why Practice at ProScan

Quality Patient Care, Diverse Case Mix
  • ProScan offers the most advanced medical imaging technology, equipment and expertise to the patients and clinicians we serve
  • ProScan reads over 1,000 MRIs per day for customers across all 50 states, including professional sports teams (NFL, NBA, and NHL).
  • Over 70% of case mix is MRI and CT; we support subspecialty practices (orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, hand surgeons, urology groups etc.)
We Are Maintaining Physician Independence
  • Despite the large volume, ProScan’s team is tight-knit, 100% independent and physician-owned for over 30 years
  • ProScan has no private equity owners, no debt and plans to stay independent long-term
  • With a global footprint and experienced executive team; ProScan is well-positioned to maintain independence in the face of a rapidly changing industry
Support For Diversity At Work, Styles
  • ProScan offers support for radiologists with different goals; from those interested in part-time work to full-time positions as well as providing educational contributions.
  • ProScan fully supports radiologists’ work life balance with scheduling flexibility and a support staff that enables optimal efficiencies.
  • Opportunities located in several markets (Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Naples and growing!)
Compensation, Equity and Entrepreneurship
  • ProScan offers competitive base compensation and additional earning potential including ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • ProScan is continuously growing and innovating via new imaging centers, real estate, technology, and other ventures; offering a myriad of opportunities for radiologists seeking to leverage their medical expertise while achieving their financial goals
Education & Philanthropy
  • Created MRI Online, the most extensive online case review and video platform for learning MRI. MRI Fellowship program; trained over 100+ year long fellows and taught courses to over 10,000 radiologists worldwide over the past 25 years
  • Lead local cross-disciplinary lectures regularly with surgery residents and fellows
  • Opportunities to teach and conduct research
  • Empower women and children in our local markets via the non-profit Cris Collinsworth ProScan Foundation
Innovation, Excellence & AI
  • As one of the first global teleradiology companies, ProScan has a history of technology leadership including developing, scaling and licensing novel radiology technologies.
  • For radiologists passionate about the role of technology in radiology, ProScan offers opportunities to collaborate with executive, business and IT teams to identify, design, and deploy new technologies.

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Our Core Values

Patients First

We put the patient first in all we do. We are committed to a culture that improves patient safety and reduces risk to our patients. We always remember that caring for the individual patient and his or her family is at the heart of our mission and our vision.


We offer the most advanced medical imaging technology and expertise to the patients and
clinicians we serve.


We adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty,
transparency, and sincerity. We commit to regular self-evaluation of our practice and continuous
quality improvement to ensure patient safety, the best possible clinical outcomes, and the optimal
use of medical resources.


We respect diversity and individuality and hold each customer’s unique circumstances at
the forefront of clinical care decisions.


We continuously strive for excellence. We never stop learning and working to improve
our skills, services, processes, and programs.


Through the collective and coordinated efforts of our staff, we apply our diverse talents,
backgrounds, education, ideas, and experiences to create solutions that benefit our patients and


We are committed to providing outstanding, cutting edge education and training for
current and future generations of healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to advancing medical
knowledge through continued education and applied clinical research.


We believe our faculty, staff, fellows, and other partners are our greatest asset and
recognize and value the contributions of each member of our healthcare team.