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ProScan Advanced Imaging Services

ProScan Imaging offers affordable advanced imaging and world-class, fellowship-trained subspecialized radiologists. We offer MRI, Open MRI, CT, Ultrasound, PET, Nuclear Medicine, and Wellness Scans in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, and New York. Our advanced imaging services, coupled with modern technology, make ProScan Imaging the best choice for your diagnostic testing needs.

MRI Services


Magnetic fields and radio waves used to produce detailed images of soft tissues in the body.

CT Scans


X-rays are rotated around the body to produce high-resolution cross-sectional images of the body.


Nuclear Medicine & PET

Nuclear Medicine uses small amounts of radioactive materials (tracers) to diagnose and treat disease.

MRI Ultrasound


A non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to examine the structure and function of soft tissues.
Women's Services

Women’s Services Pink ribbon

Women’s screenings, including Mammograms, DEXA Scans, Breast Biopsy, and Breast Ultrasound.


This exam uses a type of electromagnetic wave, or photon, to view the internal structure of the body.
Wellness and Preventative

Wellness & Preventative

Full Body MRI, MRI Breast Screening, CT Lung Screen, Cardiac Score, Coronary CT Angiogram and Virtual Colonoscopy.