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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What medical imaging services do you provide, and what kinds of equipment do your centers have?

ProScan Imaging’s network of 33 outpatient imaging centers offers a wide range of medical imaging services, including open and wide bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT or “CAT”) scans, ultrasound, and DEXA bone-density exams. Go to Find My Center to find the test you need at a ProScan Imaging center near you, or click here to contact us.

ProScan centers are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammography, and DEXA equipment to meet your advanced medical imaging needs. We have the latest in MRI, CT scanning, and digital tomography mammography systems from respected manufacturers, including General Electric, Philips, Fujifilm/Hitachi, Canon and Hologic.

2. Do I need a referral from my physician to come to ProScan?

State Law and most insurance companies require a written order from your physician for most medical imaging procedures. However, a provider’s order is not required to schedule a screening mammogram.

3. How do I determine if my insurance company will cover an imaging exam?

We will provide you with information regarding how much your procedure will cost and how much of that expense your insurance company will cover. You can also request an Imaging Price Quote by clicking here.

4. If I don’t have health insurance coverage, or my insurance company won’t cover a procedure, what are my options for paying out of pocket?

ProScan Imaging welcomes self-paying patients. Not only do we provide a significant discount for self-pay patients; we also offer several payment options, including interest-free financing through the CareCredit® healthcare credit card (at select imaging centers) or individualized installment payment plans.

5. How can I determine what my imaging procedure will cost at ProScan?

At ProScan Imaging, we’re committed to transparency in pricing. It’s all part of our emphasis on putting the patient first. You can also Request a Quote online, and we will follow up with you!

6. How do you know your costs for imaging procedures are lower than most area hospitals? Don’t insurance companies set reimbursement rates for all imaging providers?

We have thoroughly researched hospital rates, including their affiliated imaging centers. We obtained this information from publicly available sources, including insurance websites.

Many health insurers offer patient-friendly websites that provide reimbursement data on medical procedures, including imaging services. This matters to you because most patients must pay some portion of that cost out of pocket. Please contact your insurance provider for more information about the cost of your specific imaging procedure.

7. What is the advantage of receiving one bill from ProScan?

ProScan offers a more patient-friendly, transparent approach to pricing compared to most other hospital-based providers. We empower healthcare consumers to know how much their imaging procedures will cost them before their test.

Specifically, imaging bills from hospitals and their affiliated centers are often more complex, and many patients receive two separate bills associated with the same procedure. That’s because hospitals and their affiliated centers generally charge a facility fee for the imaging procedure, while the radiology group charges separately for the interpretation of the test. At ProScan, our single price includes all services, including the scan fee and the interpretation fee.

8. How do I know your services and equipment are as good as those at a major hospital or its affiliated outpatient imaging centers?

ProScan Imaging continually evaluates its equipment as newer technology becomes available to ensure we are providing the highest quality of service. Insurance companies require all imaging providers, including ProScan, to meet certain quality standards. All ProScan Imaging facilities are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), an independent evaluator of image quality and standards of care in the field of radiology.

ProScan radiologists are board-certified and have specialized training in advanced imaging interpretation. Widely recognized as a leader in radiology, ProScan interprets nearly 300,000 MRI, CT, and other advanced imaging cases each year. Click here for a detailed list of the types of imaging we perform and our radiologists’ highly specialized training and experience.

All of our patients have the opportunity to complete an online customer satisfaction survey, and 99.7 percent of respondents report that they would recommend us to their friends and family.

9. What if my personal physician tells me I have to have my imaging procedure done at their hospital or a hospital-affiliated outpatient center?

It is important for you to make informed decisions about your medical treatment in partnership with your personal physician. When discussing your options for imaging services, it may be helpful to ask questions about the provider’s experience and the cost of the services. ProScan offers a wide range of high-quality imaging services at more affordable costs to the patient.
To receive a quote for your exam, click here.

10. Who interprets the imaging procedures performed at ProScan?

Imaging procedures performed at ProScan’s facilities are read by the ProScan team of over 60 board-certified, fellowship-trained staff radiologists. To meet our strict standards for quality and timeliness, we do not send our patients’ images outside our network for interpretation.

11. Where are your centers, and how do I contact them?

See a list of our locations and find a center near you.
You can also click here to schedule your appointment online. To make an appointment at one of our other imaging centers, please contact the facility directly.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

We require notification 24 hours before your appointment time if you need to cancel, or a $50.00 cancellation fee may apply. Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) studies will be subject to an additional cancellation or no show fee and will be communicated to the patient in advance of their appointment.