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Three visits, two modalities, and one ankle… Go!

This 64-year-old female fell approximately three weeks ago, and presents with right ankle pain. Prior to this incident, this patient’s foot was assessed in 2015 and 2017. Images 1 and 2 are radiographs of the patient’s foot from 2015. Images 3 and 4 are radiographs of the patient’s foot from 2017. Images 5 and 6… Read more »

Aftermath of a motor vehicle accident

This 45-year-old male presents with lower back pain due to a motor vehicle accident. Have a look at images 1 through 7, and see how many findings catch your eye.   Bone marrow edema within the L3 and L4 vertebral bodies nearly encompasses the entire L3 vertebral body and the majority of the L4 vertebral… Read more »

Then Wrisberg said, “That tears it!”

This 19-year-old male presents with left knee pain. The patient had an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair three years prior. When looking through the images, think about the following questions: Q1 – What is a common pitfall when diagnosing meniscal tears of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus? Q2 – How can a Wrisberg… Read more »

A wrist’s tale: When pain met swelling

This 15-year-old female presents with anterior right wrist pain and swelling. There is no known injury or prior surgery. Have a look at images 1 through 6, and see if you can answer the following questions. Q1 – What is the most likely diagnosis in this 15-year-old female with a mass of the volar aspect… Read more »

She really put her shoulder into moving that desk

This 59-year-old female presents with left shoulder pain. The pain began three years earlier after moving a heavy desk, and has progressively worsened even after physical therapy. There is also limited range of motion. Have a look at the highlighted regions of images 1 through 7, and see if you can identify the potential cause of… Read more »

They in’cyst’ed that we have a histological review

This 62-year-old female presents with a left wrist mass that has recurred five times after two prior drainages and two prior surgical removals. Images 1 and 2 are in the short-axis view. Based on image 1 (a proton-density non-fat-suppressed image), and image 2 (a T2 fast spin-echo image with fat suppression): Q1 – What is… Read more »

Accessory muscles in the medial ankle

Today, we are examining accessory muscles of the ankle. To start us off, have a look at images 1 through 5. The areas of focus have been highlighted with arrows. What extra structure do you see in the tarsal tunnel? As a review, the normal tarsal tunnel contains: Posterior tibial tendon (PT) (image 5, red… Read more »

His villi were filled with fronds

This 60­-year­-old male presents with left shoulder pain. The key areas of focus in this case have been highlighted. Q1 – What is the most likely diagnosis of the intraarticular mass? For clues, you can also check out this case: Upon checking out the joint, we found lots of bodies   A1 – Lipoma arborescens…. Read more »

Upon checking out the joint, we found lots of bodies

This 54-year-old male presents with right knee pain that has continued for a year with no known injury. Have a look at images 1 through 3, and see if anything stands out. Q1 – What is the most likely diagnosis? Q2 – What is the differential diagnosis for the intraarticular bodies?   A1 – The most… Read more »

When one projection just isn’t enough

This 53-year-old male patient presents with pain and catching of the right shoulder when lifting the arm above the head. You are shown proton density fat suppression sequences using STIR short T1 inversion recovery in the coronal and sagittal projections. The patient has a rotator cuff tear. Q1 – Is the tear full thickness? Look at the… Read more »