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Try to solve this 13-year-old’s pelvis case without looking at the arrows

This 13-year-old female cross country runner presents with left-sided anterolateral pain superior to the iliac crest. How many observations can you make from the first two images? Image 1 is a fat-weighted coronal T1 image and image 2 is a coronal proton-density image with fat suppression. Images 3 and 4 are the same images with… Read more »

Let’s work through this sometimes-challenging female pelvis diagnosis

This 31-year-old woman is due for an elective cesarean section shortly and has had three prior normal pregnancies, also by cesarean section. She has a diagnosis that can sometimes be challenging to make. Can you identify what is indicated by each of the arrows, then put them all together for that diagnosis?   The orange… Read more »

Is there endometriosis in this 32-year-old woman?

This 32-year-old female presents with uterine fibroids, fertility problems and complaints of lower back pain with menstruation. There is questionable endometriosis, so what’s your call? And any other observations? There are bilateral, thick-walled (T1 hyperintense, T2 iso- hypointense) cystic lesions present in the adnexal regions (arrows-images one and three). These are consistent with endometriomas. Hypointense… Read more »