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Figuring out T stage with limited imaging

This 87-year-old man presents with two cancers. Note they are unrelated and not the result of one cancer spreading to another organ. What are the two cancers? Advanced questions: Can you posit the T stage of cancer #1 from limited imaging? How valuable is diffusion imaging in the prostate as an example? Answer: Prostate and… Read more »

What do your grill and this prostate case have in common?

What do your grill and this prostate case have in common? The first image is a prostate axial MRI T2. Can you name the sign? There is also an axial diffusion and ADC parametric map. Gleason score is probably greater than what number? “Charcoal erasure sign” of malignancy (axial T2 arrow). With erasure sign (on… Read more »

What is this primary tumor?

The arrows point to what primary tumor in this 77-year-old male with lung cancer? What’s invaded? Is it cleanly resectable? Come up with your own answers, then check below the images to see my findings.  A Pancoast tumor (arrow) which crosses the cupola (fat pad at lung apex) of the lung, invades the brachial plexus… Read more »

A look at intracapsular implant rupture

Name all the signs you can see on these sagittal T2 images from each breast. Next, name all the signs you can think of that signify MRI evidence of intracapsular implant rupture. Then be sure to scroll below the images to check your findings against mine. Right breast (left) is collapsed; loop or lariat sign… Read more »

Prostate MRI: What’s his T-Stage?

Staging in prostate cases has never been more important as we work to design an individualized care plan for each patient. With that in mind, I wanted to share this case with you. Before you look at my findings, think about what T-stage you would give this case with the info provided. And what PiRad… Read more »