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Three visits, two modalities, and one ankle… Go!

This 64-year-old female fell approximately three weeks ago, and presents with right ankle pain. Prior to this incident, this patient’s foot was assessed in 2015 and 2017. Images 1 and 2 are radiographs of the patient’s foot from 2015. Images 3 and 4 are radiographs of the patient’s foot from 2017. Images 5 and 6… Read more »

Accessory muscles in the medial ankle

Today, we are examining accessory muscles of the ankle. To start us off, have a look at images 1 through 5. The areas of focus have been highlighted with arrows. What extra structure do you see in the tarsal tunnel? As a review, the normal tarsal tunnel contains: Posterior tibial tendon (PT) (image 5, red… Read more »

His ankle went one way, and he went another

This 24-year-old male performance athlete presents with inversion injury. The following axial images are in plantar flexion, 30 degrees. Q1 – What is the pink arrow pointing to in images 2 and 3? Q2 – To what is the blue arrow pointing in images 1 through 3? Q3 – Given the findings highlighted with the… Read more »

At a glance, how would you assess this ankle?

This 43-year-old female presents with ankle pain and paresthesia. Using images 1 through 5, what is your diagnosis?   When looking at image 6, note four tendons in the medial flexor compartment. This is known as “the sign of too many tendons”. The arrows in image 6 point to a complex longitudinal split tear of… Read more »

‘Twas the night before Christmas

This holiday season, I am grateful for the support you have given me. Sharing my love and passion for radiology with you every day is a great gift and has been the highlight of 2017. Thank you for reading every day. In return, my Christmas gift to you is a short case. Happy Holidays everyone!… Read more »

Why is this patient still in pain eight months after surgery?

This 48-year-old male is eight months post surgery for Achilles repair and still has constant pain. You are initially shown three sagittal images and one axial image of the Achilles and repair site without arrows. The first is a fat or T1-weighted (image 1); the second is fat-suppressed or T2-weighted (image 2); the third is… Read more »

There are three ligamentous structures. Are you up for the challenge?

A prior fracture of the anterior talar process is presented in this 19-year-old. This is an anatomic test that might stress even the most experienced. Your challenge is to name the three ligamentous structures, or three structures that are identified in blue, pink, and orange.   The three structures combined represent the inferolateral retinaculum of… Read more »

What rare condition can be seen in this 29-year-old’s foot?

This 29-year-old male reports with left midfoot pain. CT performed for diagnosis demonstrates a rare condition. Q1 – Do you recognize the rare condition? Hint: Think about lighting a candle for the table before dinner.   A1 – The diagnosis in this case is melorheostosis. Melorheostosis is a rare, sporadic osseous dysplasia and is characterized… Read more »