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After reading her palm, what do you believe her fortune to be?

This 33-year-old female presents with a mass in the palmar area associated with index finger stiffness. Q1 – Based on the short-axis T1 fat-weighted images 1 and 2, what is your diagnosis? Q2 – What are the small dots highlighted by pink arrows in image 1? Q3 (Advanced) – The blue arrow in image 2 is pointing… Read more »

As a rule of thumb, just remember… the higher the slope, the further the fall

Chloe Kim, Red Gerard, and soon, Mikaela Shiffrin are representing the USA well in Pyeongchang, South Korea. So, let’s have a look at a winter sports case! This 17-year-old female fell during a winter-related sporting accident, and now presents with right thumb pain. You are shown three finger coil images. Image 1 uses a coronal 3D… Read more »

This mass was a handful

This 61-year-old right-hand dominant female presents with a left hand mass. Mass (green arrows) has been present for approximately 15 years, and has been slowly enlarging. Patient states she had left side carpal tunnel release, and noted the mass a few months later. The mass is somewhat tender, and she denies numbness or tingling. Q1… Read more »

When finger pain and the patient’s stated history don’t add up

This 54-year-old male complains of chronic right index finger pain with no reported injury. Be sure to look at the three images without arrows before looking at the same images with arrows. A. What has likely happened to this patient? B. What does the red arrow on image 4 point to? C. What does the… Read more »

Make sure to account for this thumb complication

A 48-year-old female presents complaining of thumb pain since a fall which occurred two weeks ago. Take a look at the first three images without arrows first, then look at the same three images with arrows. A. What do you think is the cause of the patient’s pain? B. What are the more common names… Read more »

Palpable “mass” and finger pain

A 48-year-old female presents with third finger pain along with a palpable mass at the third metacarpophalangeal joint after an unspecified injury. Have a look at the supplied images without arrows and then the same images with arrows. A. Is there a mass? B.What do you think accounts for the palpable abnormality? C. What is… Read more »

If this patient weren’t a rock climber, what would he be?

This 35-year-old male rock climber has injured his ring finger while engaging in his favored pastime. What do the pink arrows on image 1 depict? What about the orange arrow on image 1? On image 2, what is indicated by the purple arrows? Bear in mind that this axial projection is in the proximal one-third… Read more »

Why does this 39-year-old man have a lump on his finger?

This 39-year-old man presents with a lump on his index finger and pain. He has a history of a pinching injury one year ago, so what would be your differential diagnosis of the mass indicated by the arrows? What would be your final diagnosis? The following diagnoses should be considered in your differential diagnosis: Aneurysm… Read more »

What has happened to this man’s finger?

This is a 48-year-old man who fell nine months ago and now has swelling and pain in the right index finger. What do the paired arrows label in image 1? What does the single arrow label in image 1? What does the single vertical arrow label in image 2? What do the sets of three… Read more »

Guess that sport pulley tear

Guess that sport – MRI Case Review with Dr. Pomeranz At ProScan, we specialize in sports injuries. We regularly read for professional sports organizations in the NFL, NHL and more. We review LOTS of MRI sports injury cases. If you read MRI, or want to read more of it, chances are you see a lot of… Read more »