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It’s hip, it’s obscure, it’s the case of the day

This 39-year-old female presents with hip pain that has continued for four months. Neither a cortisone shot, nor physical therapy could relieve the pain. Have a look at coronal images 1 and 2. Q1 – What is the most likely diagnosis? Q2 – Is this entity more common in males or females?   A1 –… Read more »

When your hip has had enough of all that dancing and snapping

This 20-year-old female presents with hip pain. You are getting two clues for the price of one. First, look at images 1 and 2. Hip pain is quite an amorphous symptom. It can come from the joint, the groin, the sacrum, the pubis, or even the spine. We all have a tendency to gravitate towards… Read more »

Can you see why this patient has muscular pain and swelling?

This 6-year-old has a history of generalized muscular pain and swelling. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate is 90. You are shown seven images that include a coronal T1 (image 1), a coronal T2 with fat suppression (images 2, 5), an axial T2 without fat suppression (images 3, 6), and an axial proton-density SPIR or fat-suppressed proton-density… Read more »

What is the diagnosis for this former pro athlete with hip and groin pain?

This 52-year-old former professional athlete presents with hip and groin pain. Labral tear was suspected. Would you buy a hot dog from this man (see coronal image 2)? What is your diagnosis? What do the pink, blue, and yellow arrows represent? To what do the red arrows point? To what do the green arrows point?… Read more »

Can you pass the test in analyzing this athlete’s thigh injury?

This 24-year-old professional athlete “pulled up” while running. This brings up some questions. Do you have the answers? 1. What is your diagnosis? 2. The green and blue arrows on image 1 (proton-density STIR axial) point to: a. Semimembranosus oblique and popliteal heads b. Biceps short head and long head c. Semitendinosus and semimembranosus d…. Read more »

What shouldn’t you consider in this hip case?

This 20-year-old has left hip pain when bearing weight and pushing hip out anteriorly. Q1 – Which of the following is not in the differential diagnosis? (a) Lymphoma / Hodgkin’s disease (b) Aggressive giant cell tumor (c) Non-aggressive giant cell tumor (d) Chondroblastoma (e) Myxoid clear cell chondrosarcoma   A1 – (a) Lymphoma / Hodgkin’s… Read more »

What abnormality (that often produces a labral tear) is seen in this patient?

The three axial oblique images in this 43-year-old with hip pain demonstrate an abnormality. What are the associated potential imaging findings that might accompany this abnormality? The lack of tapering of the femur head to the neck is known as asphericity. This lack of tapering is associated with a bump in the anterior aspect of… Read more »

What does the alpha angle suggest in this hip?

You are shown two MRI images. One is a standard orthogonal coronal with a line through it. This shows the angle of acquisition to evaluate the alpha angle. The second image is the axial oblique with the lines used for alpha angle measurement. Questions: What is a normal alpha angle? What does an abnormal alpha… Read more »