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What is the uncommon diagnosis in this case? It’s a difficult one!

Case: A 42-year-old male presents with a nine-month history of burning pain and numbness in his right calf which extends to the lateral aspects of the plantar surface of his foot. He has a full range of movement and normal power within his right leg and foot. There is no muscle atrophy and reflexes are… Read more »

Why I took antibiotics and my tendon screamed!

This 80-year-old female presents with lower left leg soft tissue swelling and limb pain for three months. She also has a history of Levaquin therapy. What two ruptures must you take note of in her imaging? This patient has a plantaris rupture (yellow arrow, image one) and an achilles rupture (orange arrow, image two), both… Read more »

Known tibia diagnosis, but still questions about management

This 13-year-old presents with a tibia lesion. You know the diagnosis. What should you do to recommend management? The diagnosis is osteoid osteoma. Treat the pain with aspirin or anti-inflammatory agents. But, these lesions will burn out and should not be lasered, removed, etc. Save the whales! Save the shins of our children! Leave osteoid… Read more »