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This mass was a handful

This 61-year-old right-hand dominant female presents with a left hand mass. Mass (green arrows) has been present for approximately 15 years, and has been slowly enlarging. Patient states she had left side carpal tunnel release, and noted the mass a few months later. The mass is somewhat tender, and she denies numbness or tingling. Q1… Read more »

What is the uncommon diagnosis in this case? It’s a difficult one!

Case: A 42-year-old male presents with a nine-month history of burning pain and numbness in his right calf which extends to the lateral aspects of the plantar surface of his foot. He has a full range of movement and normal power within his right leg and foot. There is no muscle atrophy and reflexes are… Read more »

‘Twas the night before Christmas

This holiday season, I am grateful for the support you have given me. Sharing my love and passion for radiology with you every day is a great gift and has been the highlight of 2017. Thank you for reading every day. In return, my Christmas gift to you is a short case. Happy Holidays everyone!… Read more »

Why is this patient still in pain eight months after surgery?

This 48-year-old male is eight months post surgery for Achilles repair and still has constant pain. You are initially shown three sagittal images and one axial image of the Achilles and repair site without arrows. The first is a fat or T1-weighted (image 1); the second is fat-suppressed or T2-weighted (image 2); the third is… Read more »

Can you see why this patient has muscular pain and swelling?

This 6-year-old has a history of generalized muscular pain and swelling. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate is 90. You are shown seven images that include a coronal T1 (image 1), a coronal T2 with fat suppression (images 2, 5), an axial T2 without fat suppression (images 3, 6), and an axial proton-density SPIR or fat-suppressed proton-density… Read more »

Don’t mix up the primary and secondary forms of this disorder

This 53-year-old male presents with popping and pain on top of the left shoulder with decreased range of motion. You are shown five images: a coronal T1 (image 1), coronal T2 (images 2, 4), and a sagittal T2 turbo spin echo SPAIR or fat-suppression sequence (images 3, 5). Images 4 and 5 are duplicates of… Read more »

What can be learned from this 17-year-old’s knee injury?

This 17-year-old male reports with knee pain following a football injury. Be sure to size up the case by looking at the first two images without arrows before looking at the same images with arrows to indicate key findings. What are the anatomical structures indicated by the arrows? Hint: While this patient’s anterior cruciate ligament… Read more »

I know it’s my Aunt Minnie because it looks like Aunt Minnie

This 65-year-old woman presents with limited range of motion which radiates down to the elbow. She felt pain in her shoulder after reaching backward in a car three weeks ago. What findings do you see on the two sagittal and two coronal images below? The clinical history is typical, and the demographic is also classic… Read more »

What type of tear is causing this 20-year-old athlete’s knee pain?

This is a 20-year-old college athlete who plays soccer, competing for a national championship in his senior year. He has anterolateral knee pain. You are shown two coronal PD SPIR images (image 1 and image 2), a sagittal T2 SPIR or fat-suppression image (image 3), and a sagittal T1 (image 4). Q1 – How would… Read more »

When finger pain and the patient’s stated history don’t add up

This 54-year-old male complains of chronic right index finger pain with no reported injury. Be sure to look at the three images without arrows before looking at the same images with arrows. A. What has likely happened to this patient? B. What does the red arrow on image 4 point to? C. What does the… Read more »