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I know it’s my Aunt Minnie because it looks like Aunt Minnie

This 65-year-old woman presents with limited range of motion which radiates down to the elbow. She felt pain in her shoulder after reaching backward in a car three weeks ago. What findings do you see on the two sagittal and two coronal images below? The clinical history is typical, and the demographic is also classic… Read more »

What does this shoulder case have to do with the hardware store?

This 49-year-old reports with left shoulder pain. You are shown a coronal proton-density fat-suppression image. An orange and pink arrow are provided to help you with your descriptors. Q1 – What shall we name the condition? If you need a hint, think about something you might look for on a Saturday afternoon in the hardware… Read more »

A car accident has caused a shoulder injury. How should we proceed?

This 34-year-old woman presents after a motor vehicle accident. She has right shoulder pain radiating down her arm with numbness and tingling in her fingers. Take a look at image 1, an axial proton-density fat-suppressed water-weighted sequence. What do you notice about the posterior labrum highlighted by the orange arrow? What do you think of… Read more »

Why is this patient having pain years after shoulder surgery?

This 61-year-old female presents with right shoulder pain for 2-3 months. She has a history of surgery on the same shoulder 3-4 years prior, and is being evaluated for a rotator cuff re-tear. Q1 – Is the rotator cuff torn? Q2 – What is the name of the sign highlighted by the red arrow on… Read more »

Fall in the shower leads to pain for months. Can we find the explanation?

This 15-year-old male has alleged recurrent dislocation in his right shoulder after a slip and fall in the shower five months earlier. The joint is dry. There is no effusion. No substantive Hill-Sachs or bone lesion is identified. Q1 – Which of the following diagnosis options is the most likely: (a) Normal (b) Abnormal (c)… Read more »

How can we help this patient after a full year of severe shoulder pain?

This 73-year-old male presents with a one-year history of severe left shoulder pain with decreased range of motion and no history of surgery. Q1 – He has a tear, but what should we name it? Q2 – For an advanced question, what is not an uncommon imaging manifestation and clinical sequela for this type of… Read more »

Can you guess this eight-year-old’s original injury?

This eight-year-old has had shoulder pain for approximately three months. She has a very week rotator cuff that makes little improvement with physical therapy. The pain is worse with tumbling. There is no impingement, drop arm or apprehension. No tenderness. Can you guess her original injury and why it’s relevant to the current diagnosis? Her… Read more »

What is the shoulder pad sign and what does it have to do with this case?

This is a 52-year-old with a swollen shoulder. What is the shoulder pad sign? What’s your diagnosis for this case? The shoulder pad sign is associated with clinical shoulder swelling bilaterally in amyloid arthropathy of the shoulders. This is not amyloid. It is synovial chondromatosis of the subdeltoid bursa. There are primary and secondary varieties…. Read more »

What does a farm animal have to do with this shoulder case?

A 68-year-old man presents with shoulder pain after many years of repetitive motion. His deformity shares a name with a farm animal, but which one is it? This deformity is known as the “goat beard deformity” and it’s indicated by the arrow in the first image. More shoulder case review is available at MRI Online.