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Is there a bird in my head?

This 16-year-old male presents with a head injury. Denies neck pain, chest pain, abdominal pain or extremity pain. States that he did lose consciousness. Focus on the elongated right styloid process in image 1, and the elongated left styloid process of image 2. What do you think the diagnosis could be?   If you came up… Read more »

Tinnitus and left facial droop and hearing loss (oh my)

This is a 57-year-old female with external ear vesicles, tinnitus, left facial droop and hearing loss. Have a look at the first two images without arrows, and see if you can answer the following questions. Afterwards, have a look at the duplicate images with arrows which highlight the key findings.   Q1 – The most… Read more »

What should you do with this tricky skull base case?

This 59-year-old woman presents with “fluid behind the ear and ear pain’” for months. Lots of physicians try to pass off a skull base middle ear case to another doctor in their group, but we seek to change that. In image one, the three arrows on the left identify what three regions of the middle… Read more »

Lumps have returned for this Sjogren’s patient

This 66-year-old woman presents with parotid adenoma and Sjogren’s syndrome. History of fibroid removal surgery. Patient states she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome 12 years ago, and complains of lumps on the left side of her neck for 7-8 years, that went away and have come back in the last two months, with more lumps… Read more »

Ten-Year-Old With Hearing Loss: What Are The Tipoffs?

10-year-old male with bilateral hearing loss and a bout of meningitis. You are shown one sagittal CT reconstruction. What is the diagnosis? What are some clinical tipoffs? Be sure to think about your answer, then scroll below to see mine. Cystic cochleovestibular anomaly. Clinical tipoffs – Congenital deafness plus recurrent bacterial meningitis. ProScan Pearl: Remember… Read more »