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What is causing this infant’s liver lesion?

This infant presents with a vascular liver lesion and has black/tarry stools and anemia. The following findings were noted on a recent prior ultrasound: Intrahepatic vascular shunt with predominant feeding from the main hepatic artery. Bidirectional flow in the right portal vein supports arterioportal malformation. Arterialized flow within the hepatic veins noted, sequela of venous… Read more »

What one-in-one-hundred-thousand diagnosis is seen in this fetus?

This fetus has a rare diagnosis. What is the diagnosis, and why is the movie “Splash” with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah a tip-off? The answer is sirenomelia, which is also known as Mermaid syndrome. In this particular case, the infant was stillborn with complete fusion of the legs. The leg fusion gives the appearance of… Read more »