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A FREE Cardiac Test That Might Save Your Life

Introducing the Saving Lives of Lifesavers Program, sponsored by Philip and Victoria Sotiroff

Our First Responders in Collier County help ensure the safety and overall health of our community everyday. ProScan Imaging at NCH is proud to announce our Saving Lives of Lifesavers program to help ensure their cardiac health.

Through a very kind and generous donation from Philip and Victoria Sotiroff, ProScan Imaging at NCH is offering FREE Cardiac score tests for all eligible individuals. This is a fast (less than 10 minutes) and comfortable CT scan that requires no special prep.

If you answer “yes” to two or more questions, this FREE Cardiac Score test may be right for you.

Preventative screening

ABOVE: Arrows point to dangerous calcium deposits in the arteries of the heart.

If a ProScan representative DOES NOT CONTACT YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS after you submit the survey, please contact Beth at or 239-451-7372.