History of ProScan

The ProScan Imaging Education Foundation was founded in 1987 by Stephen J Pomeranz, a radiologist and pioneer in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and his wife.   Dr. Pomeranz resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Penny Kereiakes Pomeranz and their six children.  He completed his advanced medical training in 1977 and entered clinical practice just as magnetic resonance imaging was emerging as a critical force in diagnostic medicine. It started with his passion for improving the overall quality of care and his desire to educate others.  His wife Penny explains this history best; it started in 1985 when one day Dr. Pomeranz was talking to her about reading images generated by MRI scanners.  She was balancing two of her four children at the time and making a grocery list.  He stopped mid lecture and said “You’re not listening.”  Penny replied, “You’re right, I wasn’t listening, I was making a grocery list…you should lecture to other people.  You really have a gift.”   That was when the couple made an agreement for what would become Dr. Pomeranz’s first MRI course.

The fellowship program was established and held at a local hospital in Cincinnati, which they quickly outgrew.  Ten people attended his first course.  Attendance grew to 30 for the second course, then 90, then 200, all within six months.  Being his biggest advocate, Penny baked for those who attended even as the sessions grew until it became too much when their kids began to get older.  Dr. Pomeranz, eager to advance the practice of radiology and MRI, recognized the building blocks of a comprehensive program and continued to develop lectures to share with other physicians.   Through hard work, passion, and dedication, the courses grew in popularity, and so did demand for his expertise in analyzing patients’ images.  Some centers began outsourcing all of their images to Dr. Pomeranz to read, while others consulted him on more challenging cases.  Once a body of work was established, Dr. Pomeranz’ lectures, courses, and accompanying written educational materials met with positive response, and he founded the ProScan MRI Education Foundation (MRI EFI).

The Foundation continued to fine-tune and improve these lectures and seminars using the comments and suggestions of the early audience.  Also during this time, Dr. Pomeranz established a fellowship program in MRI, and he and his colleagues were building and expanding a teaching file that was as beneficial to them in the early stages as it continued to be later on for visiting physicians. By the time MRI EFI applied to the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) accreditation, Dr. Pomeranz’ library of review titles had grown and expanded, and MRI EFI had a loyal alumni base of physicians seeking to improve their skills in magnetic resonance imaging.

In the following years, these educational programs were broadened and improved to include videotaping, more accessible venues, agendas planned for maximum impact, published articles, and textbooks. MRI EFI established its own audiovisual studio and built a curriculum around its teaching file, schedule of courses, range of options for visiting physicians to benefit from one-on-one or small group learning, and, eventually a 40-seat state-of-the-art imaging theater.

ProScan Imaging was founded in 1995, when Dr. Pomeranz decided to get into the imaging business himself, initially helping a colleague rescue a failing imaging center in Columbus, Ohio and then opening up two independent imaging centers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  After these centers opened, ProScan consulted for many physicians, groups, and clinics on building and establishing outpatient centers of their own.  This helped raise the bar of care on a national level. The imaging center model quickly grew, and today we have 28 freestanding imaging offices in 7 states.  Our Reading Services team has among the largest, deepest, and most diverse case experience in advanced imaging and MRI, and also provides a wide range of radiology services to thousands of physicians and medical centers across the United States.  ProScan remains one of the largest, oldest, and most successful advanced imaging and education-based private practices in the United States. With a rich history of fellowship training, ProScan is an independent, ACCME-accredited body with prior commendation.

The Pomeranz and Collinsworth families have a passion for philanthropy and community outreach. The Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund (CCPF) was developed in 2001 with long-standing business partners, Cris and Holly Collinsworth and instigated by the Pomeranz’s middle daughter Taylor Pomeranz at the age of 15.  With the help of the entire Pomeranz and Collinsworth families CCPF offers two branches of programs: The Pink Ribbon Programs and the Queen City Classic Chess Programs. Their mission: To fight breast cancer by providing education, support and early detection services, including free mammograms to the community and to empower children by fostering self-esteem, sportsmanship, and critical thinking through the game of chess. Visit www.ccpf.org for more information.  The collective families focus is on women and children.

With over 25 years of imaging excellence, the ProScan Family of Companies is committed to providing health care professionals and their patients with exceptional medical imaging services and technology.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, ours is a broad-based and diverse organization within the medical imaging profession.   The desire to educate, help others, and improve healthcare combined with fascinating technology are the contributing factors to what led Dr. Pomeranz , his wife, and their family to found a successful business, the ProScan Family of Companies.