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Fellows choose one focus area (~75% time in MSK or Neuro) and will be given time to minor in another area (~25% time in MSK, Neuro, Body, Prostate or Breast). Fellows are taken on a journey designed to increase their knowledge, expertise and speed. Fellows will read 40+ MRIs per day by the end of their fellowship.


  • Read MSK MRI, adults and pediatrics (Over 1,500 MRI exams/day)
  • Large sports volume, including professional sports teams
  • Trained over 150 fellows now working in private and academics
  • We receive every magnet and field streng
  • Business training and educatio
  • Daily readout with Dr. Pomeranz
  • No call, no gen rad
  • Competitive salary ($130,000 base)
  • Optional moonlighting opportunities
  • Private practice opportunities to join ProScan full-time

Educational opportunities include access to ProScan’s teaching files,MRI Online’s course library, case conference and local cross-disciplinary lectures with surgery groups.

“I completed my MSK MRI fellowship with ProScan in February 2020. Heading in, my experience was limited. I was after a high-volume world-class MSK MRI fellowship. The ProScan fellowship far exceeded all of my expectations. I increased my reporting speed to 50 MRIs in a morning, all double read in detail that afternoon by Dr. Pomeranz or one of his equally expert colleagues. The sheer volume of studies with complex findings and pathology is invaluable. The ProScan fellowship has provided me with the confidence, knowledge and skill set to be a local leader in MSK imaging for our region. The ProScan fellowship was an all round incredible experience and one I highly recommend.”

— Dr. Stephen Currin, Former ProScan Fellow

About ProScan Imaging

ProScan Imaging is an innovative private practice with a 30-year track record of delivering premier subspecialty radiology reports. Independently owned and operated by physicians, ProScan serves nearly every US state, several US territories and multiple countries, including large specialty practices, hospitals, pediatric hospitals, and clinics.

Application Details

  • Compensation: $130,000 plus moonlighting opportunities
  • Location: Naples, Florida
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Email CV to Rachel Seither at

To learn more email Rachel Seither at

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