Prostate MRI: What’s his T-Stage?

Staging in prostate cases has never been more important as we work to design an individualized care plan for each patient. With that in mind, I wanted to share this case with you. Before you look at my findings, think about what T-stage you would give this case with the info provided. And what PiRad score would you assign it? The nodes and bones are normal.

Findings: T3z, or in other words probable capsular invasion on the right T2 axial and coronal MRI (short arrows). On viewer’s left (patient’s right), is diffusion restriction (high signal arrows) and low signal on ADC parametric map (arrows). Mass is over 1.5 cm in size so this is a PiRads 5.

I’d love for you to check out this instructional video I created that will help you improve you PiRad scoring, as part of a larger complimentary online prostate course. Thanks.

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