How does this foot case relate to a famous sports injury?

This 22-year-old injured his foot playing a sport. What sport was it and what exactly happened? A hint for those of you who know sports trivia: Clint Malarchuk’s injury 28 years ago was sustained by similar means. You are shown sagittal water-weighted images with a key structure highlighted (green arrow).

Sagittal STIR

Sagittal STIR


The sport is hockey. In this case, the patient’s tendon was severed by another player’s skate. The extensor hallucis longus is the severed tendon (green arrow), as shown on sagittal MRI. Clint Malarchuk was playing for the Buffalo Sabres when he also dealt with an injury caused by another player’s skate. In Malarchuk’s case, his throat and carotid artery were sliced in a game against the St. Louis Blues. You can watch the video, but be warned it is graphic.

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