Lumps have returned for this Sjogren’s patient

This 66-year-old woman presents with parotid adenoma and Sjogren’s syndrome. History of fibroid removal surgery. Patient states she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome 12 years ago, and complains of lumps on the left side of her neck for 7-8 years, that went away and have come back in the last two months, with more lumps than before. Is this consistent with her Sjogren’s history or a sign of something more serious?

Findings are consistent with the patient’s history of Sjogren’s syndrome and likely intraglandular lymphocytic aggregates at the site of clinical concern. Alternative considerations, though unlikely, are small abscesses within the left parotid gland (lack of surrounding inflammation and pristine adjacent subcutaneous fat and skin make this differential unlikely). Overall, findings are consistent with intermediate stage Sjogren’s syndrome. For more case review, visit MRI Online.

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