What sport has a squeeze play? And where is the squeeze play on this cardiac MRI?


The squeeze play is seen in baseball. It’s used when a batter bunts the ball in an attempt to bring his teammate on third base home to score a run. It is an exciting play, as the team initiating it is often looking for a tying or winning run late in a close game.

Where is the squeeze play here on axial T1 cardiac MRI?

The squeeze play here is a fatty tumor compressing the superior vena cava. The vena cava is normally round. Here, it appears squeezed or slit-like (second image, arrow). This could lead to superior vena cava syndrome. Surveillance recommended every 6 months. The third MR image shows signs of right ventricular dysplasia. The anterior right ventricle is lobulated, irregular and exhibits sparse fat signal.

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