ProScan Online – Image and Report Access

  • Imaging Equipment Capabilities – Our new high field 3.0T and 1.5T magnets along with our patient comfort focused high-field Open MRIs represent the best fleet of MRIs in Southwest Florida.
  • Leveraging the 32 channel head coil and the dS Neuro Suite software including SmartExam Brain, Compressed SENSE, SWIp susceptibility, diffusion tensor imaging fiber tracking (DTI) , perfusion, spectroscopy, 3D Brain view, MR neurography, Synthetic MRI and arterial spin labeling (3D ASL) allows to resolve complex questions with more certainty.
  • Post processing Capabilities – When appropriate, MRI images are post processed on-site utilizing the industry’s most preferred post processing equipment including, Vital, TeraRecon, and Syngo VIA.
  • Radiologist Capabilities – All exams are always interpreted by one of our sub-specialty, fellowship trained radiologists. The most experienced and talented radiology team servicing Southwest Florida.

Neuro Imaging

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